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Welcome to Osaka Import Group!
We`re currently looking for dealers in the whole of Europe!
Interested? Please contact us at sales@osakaimportgroup.com

Osaka chamber filters, the easy to install,  most effective and most economical (koi) pond filters available on the market!

Click on one of the links below to read more about the right filter for your pond:

4.000 liter pond      8.000 liter pond      10.000 liter pond      15.000 liter pond      17.000 liter pond
20.000 liter pond25.000 liter pond30.000 liter pond35.000 liter pond

40.000+ liter pond

Or make your choice by clicking on one of Osaka`s following models:
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       Chamberfilter               Chamberfilters with vortex             Zumiki module filter                     Vortex filter

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